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Diaphragm Wall Underground Trench Cutter

diaphragm wall Underground Trench Cutter


TEETH SELECTION is fundamentally important for optimal performance when excavating a diaphragm wall using a trench cutter. The type of tooth or chisel that performs best depends on the ground conditions at the site. Various cutting teeth and round shank chisels are available to suit the local ground conditions.


Cutter Teeth Round Shank Chisel

  • Holder:Bush Round Shank Chisel (919584)

  • Applicable Cutter:BC30, BC32, BC40, BC50,XCMG, Hydromill, Hydrofraise



It is designed for low construction space. It can be used in underground deep foundation engineering seepage wall, retaining wall, load-bearing wall construction for such as subway station, foundation pits buildings, high-rise building basement, underground commercial, reservoir dam, port, mine, environmental engineering, etc.










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