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tunneling roadheader cutter teeth

used for surface and underground mining of coal and nonferrous metals like iron,copper.



Coal pick tooth are mainly used for surface and underground mining of coal and nonferrous metals like iron,copper. Coal pick tooth ​are adapted to surface miner ,longwall miner and continuous miner ,can significantly reduce down time related to pick changes and more value for customers by its optimum rotation ,high wear resistance and long service life.



We supply a range of highly energy-efficient and productive point-attack cutting tools, suitable for both civil and mining applications. Combining tool design, high-grade alloy steel and premium grades ensure that we meet your performance demands.

Yijue supplies a range of highly energy-efficient and productive Point-attack rock cutting tools, suitable for civil and mining applications.Yijue provides complete mining tool systems for road headers, long wall shearers and continuous miners, with matching retainer systems for shank diameters ranging from 25 mm to 43/35 mm.

The demand on tool performance, especially to the cemented carbide tip material and its resistance to wear and fracturing, becomes more critical as we progress into harder rock and mineral formations.

Utilizing the combination of tool design, high-grade alloy steel and our premium Carbide grades, ensures longer service life and higher production rates are achieved.













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