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diaphragm wall construction auger flat picks cutter teeth

- High wear resistance and efficiency due to optimized tungsten carbide geometry
- Standard Cutting Teeth install on 800mm Standard Wheel For Bauer Diaphragm wall trench cutter
- Composed of Wheel hubs,U-holders, Center Holder, Teeth
- Mainly used for cutting sand, soil and rocks which the strength is no more than 40Mpa
- Especially use for clay layers

Basic Info:

1. Underground diaphragm wall grab grooving machine is a conventional underground continuous operation trenching equipment .
2. Its device can be operated by using the crawler crane equipment , achieved the international concept of "multi-function
3. The working device is pure mechanical structure, with simple structure, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. Equipped with
our professional designed grab bucket, single bucket capacity up to 1.3 cubic meters, greatly improve working efficiency.
4. This equipment’s groove width is 400-600mm, the maximum groove depth can extent to 150 meters, is the ideal choice of conventional underground construction slot devices.





1.Cutting point: coarse grained carbide carbide is used to ensure high quality cutting.

2.The entire cutter body selects 42CRMO material,uses the forging craft,guarantees the

best hardness and the toughness.

3.Welding adopts high brazing way to ensure the best effect of product quality.

4.Quick-change connection design for easy replacement.

5.According to the technical drawings using standard material specification production

6.Competitive price and products.

7.All products can be customized according to customer demand for production.

8.According to the customer's geological conditions,to help customers choose products.

9.Powerful service system,can effectively help customers solve all construction difficulties

Teeth for Diaphragm wall Trench Cutter


  • ​Available Tungsten Carbide Grade
    B-12-G / B-20-G / B-25-G

  • Holder
    ​Teeth Holder (15844)
    Insert Teeth Holder (441010)

  • Applicable Cutter
    BC30, BC32, BC40, BC50
    XCMG, Hydromill, Hydrofraise










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