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high strength coal mining bits tricone roller bit

The demand on tool performance, especially to the cemented carbide tip material and its resistance to wear and fracturing, becomes more critical as we progress into harder rock and mineral formations.



The tricone drill bit is the most popular drilling bit in the world,it can be widely used for Oil&Gas Drilling,Mining,Water Well,Geological Exploration areas.Our tricone bit divideds into metal sealed drill bit and rubber sealed bit.
1. The C-Center jet can avoid the formation of a ball in the bit, eliminate the fluid area at the bottom of the well, accelerate the upward flow of drilling cuttings and improve ROP.
2. High saturation NBR bearings can reduce sealing pressure and improve sealing reliability.
3. The G-Gauge protection improves the measuring ability and prolongs the service life of the bit.
4. Adding a row of teeth between the rear taper and the outflow to trim the borehole and protect the cone.



Utilizing the combination of tool design, high-grade alloy steel and our premium Carbide grades, ensures longer service life and higher production rates are achieved.



We supply a range of highly energy-efficient and productive point-attack cutting tools, suitable for both civil and mining applications. Combining tool design, high-grade alloy steel and premium grades ensure that we meet your performance demands.

The product covers hole diameters from 159 to 406 millimeters (6 ¼ to 16 inches). Both air-cooled and sealed bearings are available, as well as various carbide grades and insert geometries with cutting structures optimized for all conditions.








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